Buyer's Rebate up to $30,000*
Buy your next Home from our list, and get your Rebate at closing!
*Some Conditions Apply, see FAQS below.
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Search all properties available For Sale in South Florida, all properties on the list apply for the Rebate.

To get a rebate, the property must be listed in the MLS, you can search on our list, or send us the property address or the MLS number before contacting the seller, listing agent or any other Realtor.

Any Property listed in the MLS

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Let us help you to find your perfect propety

We will assign a Realtor dedicated to you until you get what you want also we will help you to prepare an offer, negotiate the price, financing and all the way to closing, and remember you will get back some money at closing.

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Use our advance search system, input the criteria you dreamed about, get all properties available and select the ones you like, just let us know and we do the rest, if you are not sure what to select, no problem we can help you with it

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If you need financing aid, we have all programs available on the market:FHA, VA, Foreign Nationals, Conventional and Private loans, from 3.5% down payment and low requirements

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*Buyer's Reabate, Terms & Conditions

1) Buyer Must Be Unrepresented?
Dont contact the seller or seller’s agent even to get property information

2) Buyer agrees to be represented by Aventura Brokers LC
We assign a professional Realtor to help you on searching the property you want, negotiation, prepare offers and contracts and  all the way to closing

3) Buyer must be pre-qualified for financing?
Muyer must qualify for financing with his local lender or an authorized lender by Aventura BrokersLC, if paying cash buyer must have proof of funds.

4) The property must be listed on the MLS or any Know Builder?
Search properties in our list, or our agents will help you to search the right property, most new construction properties apply but consult with us firts.

Does any property qualifies for the Reabate?

In order for a property qualifies for the rebate program, it must:

  • Be listed on the MLS
  • Be listed with a builder for new constructions
  • Seller must pay 3% minimum commission to Buyer’s Agent (most properties on MLS qualify)
How can I find a property that qualifies for the Buyer's Rebate?
  • Best way is using our advance search system click here
  • If you see any yard sign in a property you like just write the address and let us know before you contact the seller or seller’s agent
  • If you see a property online just get the address or MLS number and let us know before you contact the seller or seller’s agent
How much rebate can I get?
  • The Rebate is equal to 1% over the purchase price agreed between buyer and seller, the above conditions must be in compliance
  • On some properties we offer bigger rebates, you can find the information printed on our marketing materials or just contact us to let you know what current promotions we have, you can find our listings in or

How to use the Buyer’s Rebate?

Use it for closing cost

Home Improvements, New Kitchen, Baths, Flooring, Closets or more

Pay your car, down payment or update

School, College and education

What about a Vacation get away

Just save it for future buys

Buy your Home and Save Some Money

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